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Although we are unable to offer accommodation ourselves there are a number of options close by to the stables which we have listed below:

Sundbird Kuchawe is a big hotel only about 700m from the stables with a beautiful view and lovely gardens (

CCAP, Phalombe and Montfort cottage are basic self catering cottages with a spectacular view. They are well priced and very close to the stables.

Contact numbers: Phalombe cottage 0888752624, CCAP cottage 0999106082 or 0888375972, Montfort cottage 0999307833

Casa Rossa is a lovely italian restaurant/lodge on the way up the mountain. They have delicious food and four simple but clean and comfortable rooms. (

Zomba Forest Lodge is a small lodge about half way up the mountain. It's a cozy place to relax or go hiking from and they serve incredible homemade food. (

Pakachere Backpackers is located at the golf course, very close to the centre of town (


Luwawa Forest Lodge is very close to the stables and offers chalets, rooms and camping.  For more information please contact +265 (0)1342 333

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